Doomsday Store: Disturbing The Peace Collection

Doomsday Store sits pretty near the top of my “shops I like but have never visited” list. Their considered aesthetic, which emanates from skate culture – but comes to encapsulate everything from 60s psychedelics to metal-inspired art – is perpetually engaging. While everyone else is trying to create a lifestyle to package and sell, they seem to have created one but are in no mood to force it down your throat. As a result, it almost seems like a club that you’d quite like to join. In-store coffee shops and art openings are ran by Doomsday without any pretence and with a genuine creative zeal, which really appeals to me.

I have been keeping an eye on their website over the past week since I caught wind of the imminent release of their in-house collection, which certainly doesn’t disappoint. Drawing together a range of sub-cultures and styles – from 80s hip hop to Vietnam-veteran drug culture – the collection feels authentic and, quite importantly, fun. Piecing together the different inspirations for each piece, which is often done with a hidden sense of humour (google the quote on the Kill Your TV t-shirt), leads you down an untrodden path; jumping from continent to continent, decade to decade. If you don’t want to look that deeply into the collection, rest assured, it’s all pretty cool shit.

View it all here.

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