Contemporary Menswear by Steven Vogel, Nick Schonberger & Calum Gordon



Towards the end of 2012 Thames & Hudson and I met for a variety of reasons, one of which was the book “Contemporary Menswear” that is about to be released at the end of this month. Truth be told, I was a little wary at first about writing this, my involvement in that scene wasn’t at the same level as it was with streetwear when I wrote the namesake book in 2006. When a renowned publisher asks you to write a new book though, you don’t really turn that down. I removed myself from my self-imposed throne of sarcasm and decided to ask Nick and Calum to help me write this book, not only because they are excellent writers but because their knowledge of the subject matter is better than mine and together I knew we would turn out a book that was balanced, thorough and worth peoples time and money.

Fast forward 18 months and after reading through the finished book a few times now I can objectively say that we have done so. In essence, “Contemporary Menswear” is a collection of the best brands that each and everyone of them represents the best there is in the many facets of this niche within the modern clothing industry. Together with a number of think-pieces by a great bunch of writers, retailers, photographers and so on I believe this book to represent a great snap shot for those in the industry and those who want to know more.

Available for Pre Order here.

Image via Selectism.

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