Breaks Mag Interview Kyle Stewart of Goodhood


Occasionally, I’ll write something for someone other than TRC and this week I did something for the good guys over at Breaks Magazine. If you haven’t checked them out, you should, as they’re one of the few who provide genuinely insightful, independent content. The article in question was an interview with fellow Scot and one half of the duo behind Goodhood, Kyle Stewart. For¬†those who read this website regularly, it will not come as a surprise when I say that I’m a massive fan of the Shoreditch based retailer. I am undoubtedly biased, but I feel that the article we put together for Breaks was one of the best pieces done on the launch of Goodhood’s new store – largely because it came from a standpoint of exploring cultural influences rather than business logistics. For me, that store is all about subcultures. Anyway, head on over to Breaks Mag to read the article.

Photography by Dom Fleming.

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