“Bones You Have Thrown Me and The Blood I’ve Spilled” – Kathryn Joseph



Words by Bossman75

My very good friend and gig buddy Mel, of Mel’s Mischief, has an impressive record of chancing upon exceptional artists despite them being on the periphery of the general public’s consciousness. That probably does him a disservice, what I mean to convey is I trust his judgement unconditionally. We’ve seen live performances from artists bearing their soul in intimate venues before, but my own intuition tells me this one could top all those that came before it. We had originally planned on seeing Mogwai, with guests including Forest Swords, at the Roundhouse later this month however something came up and instead he suggested we attend a special performance on Friday night (19th June) by an artist I’d not yet heard of, Kathryn Joseph. I’ve since streamed the songs from “Bones You Have Thrown Me and The Blood I’ve Spilled” in the office, on the train and alone in quiet contemplation in my garden. On each occasion I felt completely removed from reality as though I was in a sensory deprivation chamber. I read an interview on THE SKINNY which described it perfectly, “Music as escapism isn’t a particularly uncommon occurrence; it’s a much rarer event, however, to be transported not only out of your own world but deep into that of another.”

Like laughter’s echo, Kathryn Joseph’s music is a beautiful unnerving truth. Her debut album “Bones You Have Thrown me and the blood I’ve Spilled” has met with critical acclaim, with fulsome recommendations from 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne, BBC Scotland and many others. Live performances have been rare. This unique Postcards event, taking place in the intimate setting of Old Church St. Pancras, will give London the first chance to catch the intensity of an artist destined for far bigger things. –

I’m particularly susceptible to works of melancholy and this album is certainly that, however within the anguish and darkness is an acute tenderness and undeniable grace, perfectly administered through Kathryn’s voice and piano. Following each listen I’m left feeling empathy rather than sorrow. There’s also a benevolence to the album, giving a feeling something akin to having hands laid upon me. Within the official Press release of her album her vocal style has been coined otherworldly and likened to Bjork, which is fair but I’d suggest it resembles something more along the likes of Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. As if experiencing her perform in a setting as befitting as the Old Church St. Pancras wasn’t enough, a special print of the inlay artwork for Kathryn’s album will be given exclusively to those attending. Kathryn is up for the Scottish Album of the Year 2015 award alongside acts like Mogwai, Idlewild, Belle and Sebastian and Young Fathers with the result being announced this evening (17th June) and we wish her all the best.

You can read the official Press release of her album HERE, and purchase the album via her Bandcamp page HERE.


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