Black Scale x Johnny Speed SS15 tee

Words by Bossman75

If Black Scale have not been on your radar over these past twelve months, you are definitely looking in all the wrong places. Their recent collaborations with Timberland using the classic 6″ boot, and adidas originals on the Forum Hi and ZX7000 models deserve a revisit. Their collections, as well as collaborations, have continued to evolve and grow exponentially. Which brings us to their SS15 collaboration with our friend Rebel Yüth, real name John Speed. This came to fruit after Mega from Black Scale saw John’s work with Urban Industry illustrating the brand’s AW14 line. Though similar in appearance to the original artwork, this design utilizes the image of Baphomet in the artist’s familiar cartoon style. Displaying his versatility by producing lighthearted and uplifting work such as his “Rick” and “Russell” tees with British label S.O.O.N., alongside this type of darker more mysterious imagery may have contributed in attracting Black Scale in particular. As the brand states “For every positive there is a negative. For every day there is a night. It is the continual balance of energy in the universe that we materialize in the form of Black Scale.” That a brand with the following and respect of Black Scale offered creative freedom on a signature t-shirt in their collection is just reward for John’s talent and tireless hustle. Not currently available in the UK as yet to my knowledge, you can get them via the Black Scale online store HERE.



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