anon* x Ebbets Field Flannels


Words by Calum Gordon

If you’ve ever spent much time around the bubbling fashion scene of London’s east end – Shoreditch in particular – you’ve likely seen a navy cap adorned with a number of names* iconic pale blue ITC Lubalin typeface. The caps, made in collaboration with American sportswear enthusiasts Ebbets Field Flannels, were initially only to be given to friends and family as a small keepsake, but quickly became a niche signifier of east-London cool. Now, the wholesale/PR firm turned cult-brand have released a second version of the anon* x Ebbets cap. Recently, in an interview for Hypebeast Magazine, anon* founder Craig Ford told me about the new style – “Since we started working with Ebbets years ago we’ve been making hats with them, but we never sold them. When Odd Future came into the office, they all loved the hats and wore them. Later, they told us they were walking down Fairfax and people were coming up to them and asking where they could get them,” he said. When a number of names* re-launched their website, they designed two new typefaces with visual artist Scott King. Calling it anon* 2.0, the new hat represents the growth of the company, incorporating the new typeface and a bold, Soviet-style red instead of their classic Repo-man inspired blue.

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