A Patchwork Orange

Words by Sam Arojo

Well another Air Max Day has come and gone and if, like everyone else who doesn’t work for Nike, you’ve already forgotten about it then here’s a reminder worth taking note of. Alongside the One before the One, Nike released this ‘Patch OG’ pack containing a number of iconic Air Maxes, most notably the king (arguably) of all AM’s, the Infrared Air Max 90.

Arriving 3 years after the Air Max 1 the Infrared was the original colourway of the 90 and with its mix of white, cool grey, black and that incandescent orangey-red Nike called Infrared the shoe quickly picked up popularity as a well cushioned runner and streetwear must have, settling in firmly as part of the uniform of the rudeboy. This colour scheme in particular has never dipped in its appeal and each reissue is as sought after as the last.

Once again the Infrared is back and this time Nike have given you the option to personalise it. The shoe features hook and loop overlays that allow you to stick patches on in anyway you like. Absolutely pointless I’d say, after all how unique are you really going to look when everyone has the same patches? Regardless, you can’t be mad that the Infrared is back.

The pack also features the Air Max 1 and the ‘number one choice with criminals’, the Air Max 95. Each are updated versions of their mother models so expect minute changes in design here and there but they all arrive in their OG colourways.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these and if you want to fiddle around with your cute little velcro patches then that’s just a bonus. This is a great chance to pick up any one of these all time Nike classics before they disappear again. So hurry up, read a couple more articles on this site then go and cop!

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