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Words by Calum Gordon

A number of names* are opening a store in London, as you’ve probably heard by now. If you haven’t, go read up on anon* and their founder, Craig Ford, here, and then check out their website. There’s a host of sites covering news of this new launch, from the ever-analytical fcknyh (also check out his Original Fake tribute for some grade A streetwear commentary), to the never-serious lads at Proper Mag. And the reason for such widespread coverage is because, for those who work in British fashion, there are few people that have had greater influence than Craig Ford. I, for one, certainly wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for him and a number of names*, having first interned with them nearly three years ago. In a nice twist of fate, Hypebeast recently hit me up asking me to interview Craig on the launch of the new store for the latest issue of their magazine (it was actually during that internship that I met Alex, Hypebeast Mag’s editor, in the anon* office). So, thank you and congrats to C.F. and the good folks at anon*, I for one can’t wait to check out the new store – which is located in the same unit as the old Bape Store – and you probably should too.

a number of names*
Number Four
Upper James Street

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