A Note From The Editor

We’re back. After threatening to switch up our style for a minute, we actually went ahead and did it. Nothing has drastically changed, but to coin a menswear metaphor – we’ve hung up our waxed Filson in favour of an Arc’teryx Veilance number. Personally, I think the new sight looks a lot sleeker, functions a lot better and – while the old one served us wonderfully for years – it was time for a change.

Aside from a slight aesthetic revamp, we’re still pretty much the same. We still aim to bring you, the reader, authentic and original content. We still think that websites of this nature shouldn’t pander to the lowest common denominator in terms of style or writing. And, most importantly, we will still have an independent voice which is not swayed by industry hype. For our relaunch we have brought together some of the finest minds in music, film and fashion and will be continuing in this vein over the coming months, bringing you well-written, engaging stories, free from PR fluff.

I’ll cut this short before it begins to border on self-indulgence. Thank you to those who were avid followers of the website in its previous incarnation and we hope you continue checking back in.

Calum Gordon
Editor In Chief

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