A Drink A Day: The Lucha Peggy

Lucha Peggy

The saying goes “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” There is another one that say “When your flight gets delayed, head to the closest airport bar and have a drink” Last week, as some coworkers and I were heading back to Philly from Las Vegas, that is exactly what happened. We had just got to our gate to fly back home, when we found out that we now had just less than 4 hours to kill before we would be departing. As we are modern folk, the first thing we did was make sure to claim outlets for our phones and tablets etc. The only ting worse then being stuck in an airport with out a drink, is to be stuck at an airport and have a dead phone. Once we get fully charged and sorted, there was only one thing left to do, and that was have a drink.

Now normally I am all in favor in having a few good drinks before a flight. Add in a delay, and it is almost required that drink is of the cocktail or shot variety. Although honestly, walking in to the bar I was going to play it safe as I wanted to stay awake for this flight so I could still get a good nights sleep once I got home. It aIways starts with the best intentions I swear. I ordered on the very laid back and tame side and just got a nice cold Angry Orchard Cider. Nothing crazy or high proof involved. Then I heard it…a suggestion that was made at just the exact perfect moment. My coworker Margaret said, “You should get a shot of Fireball to go with it and mix it. I bet it is awesome”. I could not argue with such logic. It was 100% correct. If you are not familiar with Fireball, it is a Cinnamon flavored Whiskey. It is really easy to drink too. No, its not some micro batch artisan crafted super spirit. Its built for the masses and we freakin love it! No shame in this game. So my small rocks glass came with a heavy double shot of the artificially flavored goodness and I filled the glass to the rim with ice cold cider. The result was pure magic. It was like the McDLT of drinks. Hot side stayed hot, and the cool side stayed cool. They met in my mouth and made it happy. In honor of Margaret’s Alter-Ego Super Mexican Wrestler Lucha Peggy, we christened the drink The Lucha Peggy. Since then I heard some one else had tried it and called it the Angry Balls. I like that name as well. Either way, it’s a tasty fun way to mix cider and whiskey into one drink. Give it a try and send us your favorite name for this drink!

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