A Drink A Day: Mâcon-Villages Domaine Andre Bonhomme 2012

Mâcon-Villages Domaine Andre Bonhomme 2012

I usually have only two rules when it comes to wine. Firstly, friends don’t let friends drink Pinot Grigio. Secondly, try as many different wines you come across. Not in the creepy, sleeping in a train station sort of trying, but in a keep an open mind because there are so many great and interesting wines out there just waiting to be discovered. Unless, again, its Pinot Grigio but I digress. This Mâcon-Village Vielles Vignes is a perfect example of that. The wine its self is made up of juice that is comprised from grapes grown on three groups of vines that are all over 50 years each, and can be found growing above the villages of Clessé and Viré in the Mâcon-Village region of France. The farms are all 100% organic and these wonderful Chardonnay grapes are picked by hand. If you spend a bit of time with this wine in the glass, the love and craftsmanship that go into making it is unmistakable.

I would suggest using a nice, large glass with a smaller opening to get the full beauty of this nose. Also, be sure to not over fill your glass with this wine. This is not a middle of the road hotel bar happy hour and the swill they serve, so show some fucking respect for this wine. After the pour, let that beautiful and intoxicating nose of fresh pink apples, fig, apricot jam, stone fruit, just sliced nuts, and ginger take you away to that hallucinogenic wine world. If you’ve been there, you know what I am talking about. If not, get deep into this wine and you will find out first hand. This wine opens up and grows and just evolves the longer it is in the glass, so be patient and I promise you will be rewarded. The flavors are spot on Burgundy Chardonnay mostly evolved in stainless steel tanks. It has long and full finish with clean acidity. If you can track this down, your looking at about $20 a bottle on average in the USA, but I would pay double that for a bottle of this if needed to. It is just that damn good. Not only is it available at great price for the 2012, it’s a great way to try and taste what people refer to as the essential Burgundy Chardonnay.

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