A Drink A Day: Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal Arts Degree

One good thing about a Liberal Arts Degree is that for many it is a great way to start your career in Middle Management at Starbucks. It also happens to be the name of a damn good drink served up at a local drinkery, The Society Hill Society.  This drink has two of my favorite things to drink in it, Rye and Absinthe. (If you missed it, you can go check out the article on the Sazerac if you are looking for another great Rye drink). It could be argued that this is just an updated version of the Sazerac, and rightly so, but the flavors are distinct enough to give it credit on its own. The distinct flavors of anise, violet, and saffron from the Amaro Meletti go well with the Absinthe, but go well with the light touch of some sweet vermouth also. I wasn’t able to get the full recipe for this one (Yet!!!) but I am sure if you played around with the ingredients mentioned you can come create your own version to taste. Add in a lemon twist for an extra kick of citrus to help brighten this drink up a touch. So raise your glass and think of all those great papers you wrote in your youthful school days, or just let all the noise of the day fade away as you sip this perfectly balanced, yet full flavored cocktail.

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