A Drink A Day: 2012 Domaine Corsin Pouilly – Fuissé

2012 Domaine Corsin Pouilly – Fuuissé

When you think about most wines from the Mâconnais, decent, solid, simple wines come to mind. The main exception for that is the delicious wine that comes from the Appellation Pouilly – Fuuissé. With a perfect balance of clay and limestone, this region is perfect for these Chardonnay vines. The 55 year old vines of this wine show us just what can happen when ideal conditions are met with craftsmanship and intimate knowledge of how to craft a good bottle of wine.

Before we get in to the how and what of this wine, lets talk about the who. The who in this case are the Corsin brothers. Jean-Jaques is a laid back fellow who spends most of his days out in the densely planted vines that face east into the morning sun. He makes most of the choices as the manager of the vineyard so his even keel nature is a huge asset when he makes the call on things that could affect the vineyard for many years and vintages. Then there is Gilles Corsin, who has been described as always on edge. Although not as laid back as his brother, Gilles’ working knowledge of the wine made in Burgundy is some of the best. Twenty years ago he took over his fathers courtier business and in that time has tasted wines from hundreds of co-op’s, vineyards, and winemakers. He routinely sources grapes for Louis Jadot, Maison Verget and George Dubœf to name just a few. To say this guy is dialed in is an understatement. Together, these two brothers make some amazing wine.

When you pour this wine, it has a great golden color and the nose has the trademark scents of any good Pouilly – Fuuissé. You will instantly get Bartlett pears, golden apples, cream, and a light hint of citrus zest and stone fruit. Take a sip and you find the palate matches the nose, but not until after you notice just how savory and mouth coating it is. The mineralogy of the limestone jumps out and mixes well with the addition of vanilla and slight bit of toast. We left two glasses sit for about an hour and a half and came back to it and all of these flavors were magnified but with more depth and smoothness. You can crack this wine open and drink all on its own, but if you give it a pal of chicken, seafood, or goat milk cheese and you will be one happy camper.

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