A Drink A Day: 2011 Domaine Ricard Touraine ?

2011 Domaine Ricard Touraine

If you are a looking for something a bit different then what is on your average restaurants run of the mill wine list, then do I have a wine for you. If you love the bold taste of a wine maker who isn’t afraid to try new things because he has an arsenal of knowledge and training and skill, then do I have a wine for you. I am proud and excited to share with you, the Touraine ? from Domaine Ricard of the Loire valley.

This wine is made from vines of Sauvignon Blanc planted in 1947 in a perfect flint and sand slope that faces south and yields a rather small harvest by any ones standard. The vines are organically grown and cared for with many practices and principles that stem directly from the rules of biodynamics. The result is a beautiful and tasty grape that is then transformed into an amazing and complex wine. It is one of those wines you can for sure break out around any level of wine drinker from novice to total shit head snob and they will pause and most likely shake your hand and thank you. If you are single, you will almost always get at least one number from being the one who brings this wine. If you bring the goat cheese or butter poached seafood that goes perfectly with this wine, I would almost put money on you getting lucky that night. (Please test this amongst your selves and let me know how that turns out.)

There is no mistaking the smell of fresh, ripe pears and nutmeg on the nose of this. Some light white pepper and Spanish Clementine’s as well for good measure. Let this vanilla, honey, and citrus rich wine show you what can be done with attention and care. This is not your typical grassy, overly herbaceous Sav Blanc. This wine is rich, creamy, and has such great minerality. This is another buy on sight recommendation.


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