A Drink A Day: 2011 Domaine André Bonhomme Crémant de Bourgogne.

2011 Domaine André Bonhomme Crémant de Bourgigne copy

So for the first drink of 2015, I wanted to do something festive, refreshing, and not quite the norm for a sparkling wine. For that I look to my favorite region, Bourgogne for a refreshing, delicious offering. The namesake of this domaine had to stop overseeing the winemaking after falling ill about 8 years ago, but it has been well looked after by his grandson Aurélien. Where most may not be able to rise the pressure of overseeing such a well respected domaine, he has turned quite a few heads, and done so by his late 20’s.

First off, I strongly recommend you pour this into a regular wine glass, NOT a champagne flute. This wine has so much to smell, taste, and see to use in such a limiting glass. Once these small, tight bubbles settle a bit, you will be treated a wonderful gold tint. This is due to the 18 year old botrytis treated Chardonnay grapes that are used in this. From there you notice a rather complex and ever evolving nose. None of that bready stereotype notes here. This has waves of fresh honey, pear, and almonds. More open up the longer the bottle is open. The palate is smooth and creamy. It tastes like the limestone and honey rich Chardonnay you may be used to from Burgundy. This is Viré-Clessé at its finest. If you can track this down drink as much of this as you can between now and 2019. Its that good.

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