90s Clothing Brand Dready Returns


We are in the midst of a 90s fashion revival, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, with every brand apparently churning out iterations of what they grew up with, yet much of it seems contrived or even a bit forced. But for brands such as Dready, who were actually key players in those halcyon days, it also provides an opportunity for us to look back and appreciate their work.

Dready was the creation of a young Birmingham-based Rastafarian named Robert Sidlauskas who in the late 70’s and early 80’s used the power of his pencil to convey his beliefs and ideals. Today, along with Robert’s family and Christopher’s daughter Victoria, the brand is being revived and the artist’s talent is once again being celebrated.

This season’s lookbook features renowned DJ Oneman, who remembers the brand fondly from his youth: “”I’ve always been around the Dready brand from being a kid. I’m 29 so it was the older lads that had all the bits, I’d always see it around but was just before my time. Nostalgically it means a lot to me when it comes to association with street culture and music in the UK. Dready to me is a social outlet through clothing with humour and most importantly good design work that has a message.”

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